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The Chimera Legion

The Chimera Legion

In this adventure, Sean Brogan’s latest mission, the bio-terrorist threat has been lifted from today’s newspapers. Al Qaeda's scientists, specialists are working to create a biological weapon. They conduct their work in a secret laboratory provided by the Pakistani intelligence service, the ISI. They will accomplish this by combining the DNA of some of the world's deadliest diseases such as Ebola, Anthrax, Small P:ox, HIV and Malaria. The resultant virus, containing multiple DNA strands, will defy any cure. The scientists will inject the virus into Islamic extremists prepared to martyr themselves. This legion of martyrs will circulate initially among the populations or New York City and Tel Aviv. A pandemic the world has never seen will ensue. Sean Brogan, CIA's 'Terminator', and Rachel Allon, Mossad's most effective special operations officer, must ensure that this al Qaeda plan does not come to fruition.

ISBN: 978-1500943523
Paperback: 290 pages
CreateSpace: September 2, 2014 - paperback - $10.80


This Is Where My Story Begins

Every story has a beginning and an end, but what comes before the first word is written?

An idea.

Ideas swirl around a writer’s head for days, weeks and years – or simply materialize when he’s driving to get a loaf of bread and a jug of orange juice.

It doesn’t matter when they show up, what matters is what they become!

This website serves as a forum where I can share with my readers the ideas that grow into the tales that I tell in my books.

I also share my current thoughts in my blog - everything from what I saw during my last trip to a foreign land to the little things in everyday life that motivate me to write.

So welcome to my site, I hope what you find here entertains and informs – and brings you back again and again.