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Sean Brogan isn't your average CIA desk jockey – he gets the job done at any cost because he knows the threats America faces could tear the country to pieces.

Brogan debuted in To Live Among Wolves, and readers became acquainted with his brash, but effective, methods that got him kicked out of the CIA.

Paired with a beautiful, and dangerous, Mossad agent Brogan found himself in a fight that ranged from the Oval Office to the desert sands of the Middle East.

Brogan's troubles weren't over when the last bad guy was vanquished, they're in Wolf Trap.

The Chimera, is an amalgam of the world's deadliest diseases, starting with Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever. Islamic extremists plan to launch this upon the world's unsuspecting innocents, all in their aspiration for the Islamic Caliphate. Sean and Rachel have their hands full, battling an unregenerate, bigoted anti-Western intelligence service.

The action takes us from Washington to Africa to the Middle East. The trap is about to be sprung. Will Sean escape intact?


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The Chimera Legion

The Chimera Legion

In this adventure, Sean Brogan's latest mission, the bio-terrorist threat has been lifted from today's newspapers. Al Qaeda's scientists, specialists are working to create a biological weapon. They conduct their work in a secret laboratory provided by the Pakistani intelligence service, the ISI. They will accomplish this by combining the DNA of some of the world's deadliest diseases such as Ebola, Anthrax, Small P:ox, HIV and Malaria. The resultant virus, containing multiple DNA strands, will defy any cure. The scientists will inject the virus into Islamic extremists prepared to martyr themselves. This legion of martyrs will circulate initially among the populations or New York City and Tel Aviv. A pandemic the world has never seen will ensue. Sean Brogan, CIA's 'Terminator', and Rachel Allon, Mossad's most effective special operations officer, must ensure that this al Qaeda plan does not come to fruition.

ISBN: 978-1500943523
Paperback: 290 pages
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Wolf Trap: a Sean Brogan Novel by Alan Simon

Wolf Trap

A CIA-Mossad operation is compromised. U.S. embassies in Africa are destroyed. The “Wolves of Islam” are assassinating American and Israeli intelligence officers. Is an American turncoat cooperating with al Qaeda? CIA's Sean Brogan and Mossad's Rachel Allon must cooperate if they are to prevent a full scale Mideast war.

When one of your own crosses over and joins the enemy, you know you're in for hard times. Two U.S. embassies in Africa are destroyed almost simultaneously; undercover CIA counter-terrorist officers are hunted down and killed. The CIA Director of Special Operations finds it hard to believe all this can be the work of al-Qaeda planners. The spotlight of suspicion falls on a missing Special Forces detailee to the Agency.

A deep cover Mossad officer, the linchpin of a joint CIA-Mossad operation is compromised and assassinated. The two services have no choice but to abort the operation. The Director of Mossad questions the ability of the Agency to protect secrets. He requests CIA send Sean Brogan to Israel and help sort things out: Earlier, Brogan had worked closely with a Mossad officer in defeating a Nazi-Arab extremist plot to attack Israel with a neutron weapon. Together, Sean and the Mossad liaison officer, Rachel Barak, work to penetrate the terrorist cells and terminate opposition elements.

ISBN: 978-1456516345
Paperback: 312 pages
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To Live Among Wolves

To Live Among Wolves

CIA's Sean Brogan and Rachel Allon, his beautiful Mossad partner, do battle against Islamic extremists hoping to engulf the Middle East in a nuclear holocaust. The operation moves from CIA headquarters through the murky Neo-Nazi underworld of Western Europe to an explosive climax in Central Africa.

During the final days of the Soviet withdrawal from the German Democratic Republic, unrepentant Nazi elements (ODESSA) succeed in stealing two tactical nuclear devices from a Spetznaz (Soviet Special Forces) base. This act goes unreported by Western and Israeli intelligence sources. Belatedly, ODESSA discovers it has neither the talent nor the finances necessary to create deliverable weapons sufficient to destroy Israel. ODESSA turns to Iraqi and Palestinian fundamentalists who share the Nazi dream of the destruction of the Jewish state. Arab money makes it possible to hire the Russian, Palestinian and German scientific talent. The work commences at a secret base in the heart of the African continent.

A CIA specialist in proliferation and weapons of mass destruction, develops leads suggesting a theft of soviet weaponry did occur. The White House tries to shut down the CIA inquiry and orders that officer's reassignment. The officer refuses to take no for an answer, wrangles a posting to Africa and mysteriously disappears into the central African bush. The White House warns the CIA against mounting an operation to locate the missing officer. But the CIA does not easily give up its own.

ISBN: 978-1413728859
Paperback: 211 pages
PublishAmerica: August 2, 2004
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